Sofa Sofa Covers in Dubai

At sofa Dubai upholstery, we are not limited to satisfying a particular class of customers. We have a vast collection of sofa covers you can choose from to give your home a sparkling look you desire. We offer the best quality of various designs and patterns in Dubai.  

Sofa Covers Quote

  1. GET A QUOTE: help us serve you better, by making use of our quote form. For us to decide what is perfect for you, send a picture of your furniture to our email( – we will reply within 24hours! or WhatsApp 0561234065

2. SELECT FABRIC: we have a variety of fine fabrics for you to choose from. Nevertheless, we are not against you providing a material 

  1. SCHEDULE A MEASURING: pick a convenient day and time, and we will send our slipcover expert over to measure the sofa to ensure the slipcover we make is a perfect fit. Once the Sofa Covers are ready, we provide delivery and installation services.

Sofa Covers Change

If you can’t afford an upholstery for your furniture, our custom slipcovers can serve as an alternative, giving you the same feeling for a reduced cost. Whether slightly loosed in a shabby manner or tightly fitted as though it were an upholstery, our Sofa Covers are made very efficient. Sofa Covers changing services in Dubai. we make custom-made Sofa Covers for indoor furniture or Outdoor Furniture.

Our company is well renowned for making quality slipcovers. We are proud of our achievement as the leading slipcover provider for some of the top furniture companies in Dubai.


Sofa Fabric Choice

Thinking of getting a custom Sofa Covers for your furniture? Here’s how it works:

The first thing to consider is getting the right fabric. Making the right fabric choice is vital and sometimes a tough nut to crack. However, when you come to our showroom or we can visit your place, our dedicated fabric experts are available to help you decide.

Customized Sofa Covers Services

After fabric selection, the fabric specialist hands over to one of our slipcovers experts to make your Custom Sofa Covers, just the way you desire. Before cutting the fabric in our workshop, an accurate measurement of the furniture is taken to ensure precision. After making your Sofa Covers, we can bring them to you, and wear them on your sofa ideally.

Our Services

Fabric Sofa leather Upholstery, Dining Chairs and Headboard Upholstery

Outdoor Cushions Cover and Outdoor Furniture Covers

Sofa Foam Replacement and Cushions Reshuffling, Sofa Repair Dubai

Free Home Visit

Our Sofa Covers Upholstery experienced/professional staff free home visits and free quotations of Upholstery Services. We will visit your office or home with materials and help you to pick from a wide range of Sofa Covers fabrics and leather options.


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